The art connect

One casual evening, two friends close friends who had worked together in an organization met after a decade. They had travelled the world and within India in their respective journeys of life. They met at a café which had some exquisite Indian artifacts and paintings. The café had a huge wall which was colorfully hand painted with Mandala artwork from the floor to the ceiling which absolutely elevated the vibe of the place and caught everyone’s attention. It was an absolute masterpiece.

They loved to talk about how they loved working with each other and about their travel stories which eventually led to a discussion of the age old idea of how there is a need to showcase Indian arts and crafts globally. After some deeper prodding, they considered their options and realized that how the idea could become bigger and what they needed was a touch of their own magic. The Idea of Ehesas was seeded.

They began their journey by travelling to a village called Jitwapur, situated in the Madhubani district of Bihar, a place well known for Madhubani and Mandala paintings where they happened to meet the best of the artist and realized the fact that there was an urgent need to save the dying art. The thought of finding more such unique arts and crafts took them to various other corners of India where they discovered various unique and dying art forms such as Rogan art from Kutch which only has 6 artists left in the world, Black stone pottery, which is an age old tradition practiced only in Longpi village in Manipur, Bidri art which is only confined to a small town known as Bider in Karnataka and many more.

Everything great begins with a realization

With its roots in both Hindi and Urdu, Ehesas means realization which captures the essence of the brand. It portrays a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity which any other language just can’t capture.

Sometimes people come together and dots just connect to make you take crazy leaps. Ehesas is driven by creating environments to help people in their own journeys. We believe that India is filled with unique arts and skill in every direction and collaboration is at the heart of what we do. It takes many voices to create a movement, and we’re looking for partners to join ours. Our mission is to empower artisans and cottage industries based in the smallest towns and cities in India who have specialized skills and transcend them to a global stage.

We are proudly Socio-Unique

The word unique means anything which is not like everything else, being the only one of its kind. At Ehesas, all the products are Unique sometimes simply by the way of their look and feel or the process of how they are made. We strongly comply with the fact that all the products we showcase are handcrafted and are made by the best artisans and are ethically sourced from the remotest places in india which are renowned for the art. We strive to be environmentally sound and pledge to work on fair trade values in order to promote a sustained social and economic development of the artisans and craftspeople.