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Bhibhakar Jha<br/><b> Madhubani, Bihar<b/>

Bhibhakar Jha
Madhubani, Bihar

Bhibakar, who was born in Bihar’s Jitwapur village, stepped into the world of Madhubani through an age-old tradition when he was barely 12.  As per the traditional folklore and culture... Read More

Abdul Gafur Khatri
Kutch, Gujarat

Mr. Abdul Gafur Khatri, aged 54 years, who practices this ancient art form with his family members. He has managed to keep this traditional art form alive. Other than the... Read More
Abdul Gafur Khatri<br/><b>Kutch, Gujarat</b>
Sunita<br/><b> Longpi, Manipur</b>

Longpi, Manipur

Sunita belongs to the Tangkhul Naga tribe of the village of Longpi (or Loree) in Manipur. Longpi is well-known for its age-old stone pottery art – Longpi Hamlei.  Sunita is... Read More