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Exclusive and Authentic Handcrafted Collections

We bring you exquisite, traditional and contemporary treasures from the interiors of India. Each of our products is handcrafted and unique, like every house has a story, our products too. Our collection of products is created by exceptional artisans to add more value to your space.

Healing Crystal Bracelets

Inner peace calms our mind and allows us to see our path much clearer, helping us to focus and keep track of our goals. In a world full of constant stressors and worries, we all need a guiding force to keep the mind calm and soul at peace. Declutter your mind with our high energy healing crystals which attract positivity and serve a specific purpose in your life.

Rudraksha- Shield Against Negativity

No single tree is as rich with scriptural references, spiritual stories and legends as the rudraksha.Rudraksha beads work on different chakras of the body and when aligned with the wearer, they start cleansing the chakras.
From enhancing spirituality to distressing the mind, Rudraksha is also known to attract and manifest abundance.

Why Ehesas ?

Artisans have weathered many storms at the hands of increased industrialisation and overall paradigm shifts in crafts.

We at Ehesas endeavor to build an ultimate online platform for Indian artisans, take their craft global and bridge the gap between exclusive handicrafts, art forms and take them to customers who are looking for unique and handmade products.  

Ehesas has been actively supporting the Indian artisan community by providing them a unique platform for their unique products.

The Multiplier Effect

Supporting craftsmen and artisans can help support the local and marginalized communities that depend on them. 


Highest quality handmade products delivered securely to ensure that you get your hands on nothing but the best.

Customer Service with Personal Touch

Our endeavor is to offer you a seamless purchase experience.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

We attempt on being eco-friendly, live in harmony with the environment.

Madhubani (Mithila) Painting

A 2500-year-old folk art, the history of Madhubani paintings is said to date back to the time of Ramayana when king Janaka asked an artist to capture his daughter Sita’s wedding to Prince Rama. These paintings were usually created by women on walls and floors of homes during festivals, ceremonies, or special occasions.

Madhubani paintings are characterized by figures that have prominently outlined, bulging fish-like eyes and pointed noses. The themes of these paintings usually include natural elements like fish, parrot, elephant, turtle, sun, moon, bamboo tree, and lotus. 

The Craft of Bidri

The magnificent beauty of Bidriware, an ancient craft of inlaying pure silver and gold wires in metal is profound. The intricate pattern made by skillful artisans elate its beauty, leaving every onlooker spell bound.

Bidriware undergoes an eight-stage process: molding, smoothening by file, designing by chisels, engraving by chisel and hammer, pure silver inlaying and much more.

Bhibhakar Jha  Madhubani, Bihar

Bhibhakar Jha Madhubani, Bihar

Bhibakar, who was born in Bihar’s Jitwapur village, stepped into the world of Madhubani through an age-old tradition when he was barely 12.  As per the traditional folklore and culture... Read More

Abdul Gafur Khatri Kutch, Gujarat

Mr. Abdul Gafur Khatri, aged 54 years, who practices this ancient art form with his family members. He has managed to keep this traditional art form alive. Other than the... Read More
Abdul Gafur Khatri Kutch, Gujarat
Sunita  Longpi, Manipur

Sunita Longpi, Manipur

Sunita belongs to the Tangkhul Naga tribe of the village of Longpi (or Loree) in Manipur. Longpi is well-known for its age-old stone pottery art – Longpi Hamlei.  Sunita is... Read More